Signing up for your first white collar fight can be a daunting experience. Though all sports test your skills and physical fitness, those who take part in white collar boxing must be willing to fight and defend themselves against an opponent.

This can be understandably nerve-wracking for those with little-to-no experience in combat sport or white collar boxing events. It’s also why The White Collar Fight Club provide you with all the training, gear and expert supervision to ensure that your fight is as safe as it can be.

Being trained by some of the top coaches in the country is just one way The White Collar Fight Club ensures you are adequately prepared for your charity boxing match. This is why all fighters must attend Fight Camp, our intensive boxing fitness and training regime.

Fight Camp is 8-weeks long and involves two combat sessions and one strength and conditioning class every week. These sessions will not only get you in the best physical shape of your life, they’ll teach you the skills necessary to bob and weave your way around the ring with confidence.

Our pre-match sparring sessions will ensure you’re paired up with an opponent of similar weight and skill level to make sure that there’s no surprises during your white collar fight. These sparring sessions take place during weeks 4, 5 and 6 of Fight Camp, and it’s mandatory for fighters to attend at least two sessions. This will enable us to match you up with the perfect opponent.

Of course, the aim of boxing is to knock out your rival, meaning that even the best boxers will inevitably get hit. However, wearing the right safety gear will protect against serious injury.

With that in mind, all our fighters must wear the appropriate protection, regardless of skill-level. This includes gloves, hand wraps, a gum shield, head guards, groin guards (for the men) and shin guards for those doing Thai boxing.

On the night of the show, our professional referees will make sure each fight goes smoothly and that you are safe at all times. Our Fight Medics will give each boxer a pre-fight medical to check they’re physically ready to face their opponent, as well as a post-fight medical to check for any injuries. These professional medics will also be ringside throughout each fight to ensure our boxers safety.

Taking part in a combat spot inevitably puts you at risk of being hit by your opponent, but with the right protection, training, supervision and safety gear your chances of obtaining a serious injury are small. The White Collar Fight Club London provides fighters with all of this, as well as the experience of your very own Fight Night, all in the name of charity.

Think that the White Collar Fight Club is for you? Then you can learn to box and fight like a pro by clicking here.

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