Thai boxing, or Muay Thai, as it is called, is recognised as the national sport of Thailand. It is called the ‘art of eight limbs’ based on integrating stand-up attacking with clinching techniques. It blends the use of fists, shins, knees, and elbows while striking.

Do You Need to be in Shape to Join Muay Thai Boxing?

Even if you are totally not in good shape, you can easily join Muay Thai Boxing. After you join Muay Thai, you will gradually get fit in this whole new learning journey.

Is Thai Boxing Good for Self Defence?

Thai boxing is known to be one of the best forms of martial arts for self-defence. It helps you learn various useful techniques, such as using footwork to combat multiple persons at one go. It provides you with a solid standalone with crafty defensive tactics.

Is Muay Thai Training Dangerous?

The common question that all think of is how dangerous Muay Thai Boxing is or what risks are involved in the training process. But the truth is, no matter how physically demanding it may be, it is not more dangerous than another contact sport. Even football or hockey could be considered riskier than Muay Thai pieces of training. The danger involved, however, also depends on your intention of taking up Muay Thai training. Whether you want to attend recreational sessions or train for combat decides the little bruises you get along this learning path.

What is Muay Thai, and Where Did it Come From?

Muay Thai is called Thai Boxing in English, which today is known to be the National sport of Thailand. This form of martial arts originates from the old battlefield of the Siamese (now Thai) army.

The fights involved in Muay Thai include power kicks, blowing punches, elbow-knee attacks, and similar combat techniques to fight the opponent. These methods require a lot of power, strength, astonishing speed and a strong intent to fight.

Can Women Do Muay Thai?

Yes, women can, and they indulge in Muay Thai Boxing across the globe, and there are even specialised all-women classes organised exclusively for them worldwide.

Are Muay Thai Gloves the Same as Boxing?

Muay Thai gloves are different to boxing gloves in many ways. The basic difference lies in the padding distribution in the gloves of the two sports, and boxing requires padding around the knuckles, while in Thai Boxing needs uniform padding to protect elbows, knees etc.

Some differences are also based on their shape, flexibility, and wrist support.

Is Muay Thai and Boxing a Good Combo?

Boxing and Muay Thai are pretty different from each other, and the hip positions vary, which create a vast difference. Boxing tricks may help you in Thai Boxing, but the latter does not facilitate the former sport. It is usually preferred to choose either of the two, but if you have a solid base in one of them, you may branch out to practice another.

What are the Rules of Thai Boxing?

]The general rules of Thai boxing are:

- Strikes are not permitted in the joint of the legs or groins.
- Elbow strikes are permitted formally, but they are optional. This rule also depends upon the event organisers.
- Strikes are not permitted in the joints of the legs or groins.
- Elbow strikes are permitted formally, but they are optional. This rule also depends upon the event organisers.
- The participants are allowed to attack with kicks, punches, knees, and occasionally elbows.
- Clinching can be done only if one fighter remains active within the clinch.
- Hip throws are not permitted, while Muay Thai throws can be done.
- Fighters may catch their opponent’s leg and take a step forward. Post taking that one step, the fighter holding the leg needs to strike before taking another step.
- A fighter can kick the opponent with the top of their foot on their supporting leg, but sweeping is not permitted.
- If the fighter gets up after being knocked down, it will not be counted as a knockdown or standing eight counts is done if the referee agrees (as per rules of flash knockdowns).
- Fighters cannot directly side kick to the front of the opponent’s legs.
- Shin or foot kicks can be done inside and outside of the opponent’s legs.

These rules are mandatory to follow while fighting in this sport.

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